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Unlock Premium Value: Discover Our Exclusive Services

We believe in going above and beyond to provide exceptional value to our valued customers. In addition to our outstanding free offerings, we are thrilled to introduce our range of exclusive paid services designed to elevate your experience and take your satisfaction to new heights.

Online/credit card payments integration service 

This service allows a restaurant to connect the online ordering system with a payment gateway to accept online payments directly.

Restaurants can therefore accept card payments, made by food clients when they place the order. 

Depending on the payment gateway connected, through this service, food clients can also pay for their orders using Apple Pay, Google Pay, Microsoft Pay. 

Benefits for restaurants:

Advanced promo marketing

The Advanced promo marketing service includes a set of additional templates for promotions that allows restaurants to design more sophisticated deals for their food clients. 

These include: 

Autopilot Selling 

Autopilot is a service that helps restaurants generate more orders. It consists of 3 marketing campaigns, each with its own flow and logic, which are set manually by the restaurant.

The campaigns are designed for a specific subset of the restaurant’s food clients as they fit the respective description of the segment addressed by each campaign such as food clients that have added products to their carts and have not finished ordering, food clients who have not placed the second order yet or food clients have not ordered for a few months.

The restaurant has the ability to enable any or all of the available campaigns, and disable them when needed directly from the admin panel. While they are active, the campaigns run continuously.

Benefits for restaurants:

Food photography

We understand that a picture is worth a thousand bites! We are a team of passionate food photographers dedicated to capturing the essence, beauty, and flavors of your culinary creations. Our expert lensmanship turns your dishes into art, allowing you to showcase your food in the most tantalizing way possible.

Benefits for restaurants:

Restaurant Posters & Flyers Design and Print

We blend creativity with culinary artistry to bring your restaurant's vision to life. We are a team of skilled designers and print experts passionate about crafting eye-catching posters, flyers, menus, and more. Our goal is to help your establishment make a memorable impression and entice diners with delectable visuals that match the flavor of your culinary delights.

These include: